Threadless barbells and tops feature a simple yet sleek design and have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, if you're new to threadless jewelry, it might be a bit tricky to figure out how to use them. In this post, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on how to use threadless barbells and tops or "ends." Threadless or "push-fit" jewelry is the new gold standard for piercing studios as it eliminates the need to screw on or "thread" the barbell and the feature together. It provides an ease of use for piercers and clients alike.

1. Understanding Threadless Barbells and Tops

Before we dive deeper into how to use threadless jewelry, it’s important to understand what it is. Unlike traditional jewelry that comes with threads (aka screws), threadless barbells are hollow and pair with threadless tops that have a pin that slides into the hollow shaft of the barbell. The top is held firmly in place by the tension between the pin and the barbell, providing a secure fit without the need for screws. This means you won't have to struggle to thread the jewelry together while it's in your ear - just pinch the top and the barbell together et voila! Our threadless tops are compatible with 18g, 16g and 14g barbells which makes them easy to use between multiple piercings even if they're different gauges. We also love them because you can get your jewelry to the perfect fit without having to leave room to screw the pieces together.

threadless barbell

2. How to Insert and Remove Threadless Jewelry

To insert threadless jewelry, first, you need to insert the barbell from the back of the piercing. A tool we live by that makes inserting threadless jewelry so much easier is a threadless taper. This tool can be used over and over again as it's made of implant grade titanium. We recommend doing any jewelry changes over the sink with a towel covering the drain so you don't lose pieces if you drop them. In addition, nitrile gloves and a small hemostat can really help with your jewelry changes no matter which system you use.

threadless taper

Once the barbell is inserted, you need to position the pin on the top in line with the shaft, insert it into the shaft, and then pinch the top and the barbell closed. You'll know it's in place when you hear an audible click or grinding sound as well as feel some tension. If you do not feel tension, the piece is not secure and you risk losing the jewelry. Make sure that the pin is fully inserted into the barbell - none of the pin should be visible if inserted correctly.

If your piece is not secure, it's likely that you will need to place a little bend in the pin to ensure a proper fit. When you order a top that comes with a barbell from The Curated Lobe, we always bend the pin to ensure you have a secure connection. However, over time the pin can straighten out with multiple removals and insertions or you may have ordered a top that doesn't come with a barbell and thus is not pre-bent. This is because we don't want to assume which gauge barbell you are going to be using - for 18g we bend slightly less than 16g, etc. In this case, you may need to slightly bend the pin. Insert the pin half way into the barbell and push the top over slightly. Check the connection and if met with enough resistance then you are good to go! If not, bend a little more and check again until you find the sweet spot for the gauge of barbell you are using. Don't over bend it as you risk bending it 90 degrees while trying to insert the top and thus compromising or fully breaking the pin.  


To remove threadless jewelry, you need to hold the jewelry firmly at the back (barbell) and then gently twist the top while pulling it away from the barbell. 



3. How to Clean Threadless Jewelry

Cleaning your threadless barbells and tops is crucial for preserving their longevity. Never remove your jewelry unless your piercing is fully healed. If you do, you risk irritating the piercing or having it close up because you're unable to reinsert the jewelry properly. But once healed you're really going to want to give your pieces a good clean - especially if you have crystals or stones. Here are our tried and true jewelry cleaning instructions.

4. How to Choose Threadless Jewelry

Threadless jewelry comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular materials include titanium, gold, and stainless steel. At The Curated Lobe, we only use implant grade titanium and 14k gold threadless jewelry. When choosing a piece of threadless jewelry, you should consider its fit, shape, style and size depending on the piercing it's going to fill. The jewelry should fit comfortably, without causing any irritation. The best way to be sure that your jewelry is appropriate for the piercing you're looking to style is to consult with us! You can reach out to us any time at or come and see us in studio.

5. Where to Buy Threadless Jewelry

Threadless jewelry is readily available at many reputable piercing studios and tattoo parlours. We have a wide selection of threadless jewelry that is appropriate for fresh and healed piercings alike. You can purchase online or come and see us in studio for an accurate fitting. It's important to ensure that you're purchasing from a verified source to avoid purchasing fake jewelry that could harm your piercing - do your research and remember, you get what you pay for!

Threadless jewelry is the gold standard in piercing jewelry and when used correctly allows a better fit for your piercings. In this post, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to use threadless barbells and tops. Remember to understand the type of jewelry, how to insert and remove it, how to clean it, choose the right jewelry for your piercing, and where to buy top quality threadless jewelry. With these tips, you’ll be able to comfortably wear your threadless jewelry while keeping your piercings safe and healthy.


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