Hey there, future piercing pro! Caught in the needle vs. gun debate for your next ear bling session? Let's break it down and shed some light on this piercing predicament. We've been in the ear-piercing trenches for years, and we're here to spill the real tea on why needles are the MVP of piercings.

Pain Ain't the Same:

Let's get real – piercings come with a pinch. But here's a hot tip: needle piercings are like a ninja's strike – swift, sharp, and surprisingly less painful. Needles are designed for minimal tissue trauma and speedy healing, all thanks to their sleek design and silicone smoothness. And when they're from Kiwami (yeah, those ultra-sharp, Japanese-made wonders), you're signing up for a smoother ride. Less ouch, more wow!

Accuracy is Everything: 

Want a piercing that's placed just right? Needles are your new best friend. They offer the kind of precision that would make a sniper jealous. Dreaming of a perfectly positioned daith or forward helix? Needles make it happen with finesse and flair.

Hygiene Heroes:

Guns? A bit of a no-no in the hygiene department. They're hard to clean up and a bit risky. Needles, on the other hand, are the clean freaks – sterilized, single-use, and safe. They're the responsible choice for your piercing party.

Jewelry Wonderland: 

Here's the fun part – the bling! Guns limit your jewelry options significantly – they only allow for basic studs. Needles? They're the life of the party, allowing a variety of jewelry styles. Mix, match, and strut your stuff!


Custom Fit for Royalty: 

Going for a piercing with a gun after all this? Here's the catch: you're stuck with a one-size-fits-all deal. That means limited options in terms of length and style. Picture this: trying to fit a straight butterfly back earring in a rook piercing- not happening!

Now, let's talk about a legit piercing studio, it should be a treasure trove of choices. They've got a smorgasbord of jewelry lengths, thicknesses, and styles. Why does this matter? Because your body is unique! The right studio ensures the initial bling they pick is just perfect for your anatomy and piercing spot. Plus, they're all about accommodating any swelling that comes with the territory. So, you get a fit that's not just good – it's tailored just for you.

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The Takeaway: 

When it's needle vs. gun, the needle takes the crown. Sure, it might take an extra minute and cost a few more bucks, but trust us – your ears will be singing praises for the TLC they received.


@thecuratedlobe Look, cartilage piercings take for f’n ever to heal, why wouldn’t you get them done properly 😭 this video shows why you shouldn’t have your cartilage pierced with a gun; opt for needle piercing by a professional piercer instead! #thecuratedlobe #oakvilleearpiercing #earpiercings #piercing #helixpiercing #greenscreen #myristorantecreation ♬ Canyons - Official Sound Studio


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  • Victoria Addington: November 28, 2023
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    I appreciate you mentioning that needle piercers have a lot more control over the piercing procedure. I believe that this would be a wonderful approach to do because my daughter wants a specific style for her piercings. I’ll make sure to let her know about this and look into experts who might be able to assist her with it. I appreciate you sharing!


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