Piercing Studio Pricing List


One Ear Piercing $70
Two Ear Piercings $90
Three Ear Piercings $110
Four Ear Piercings $120
Five Ear Piercings $150
Six Ear Piercings $170
Daith Piercing $90
Rook Piercing $90
Industrial Piercing $120
Nostril Piercing $70
Children's Ear Piercing $200

Other Services

Jewelry Removal $25
Jewelry Exchange $30
Piercing Checkup and Cleaning $40
Piercing Barbell Downsize $30
Curated Consultation $150

All prices are subject to HST tax.

Upgrade to 14k gold jewelry is available upon request.

Prices include implant-grade titanium jewelry.

Sterile saline spray and other cleaning supplies are available for purchase at the studio.

Experience the highest quality service and materials for your piercing at The Curated Lobe.

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