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  Welcome to our little haven in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.


Beyond being your go-to destination for the custom earscapes including piercing and styling, we ship our jewelry worldwide!

Our skilled piercers, are not just professionals but artists, ensuring your experience is as safe as it is fun. If you're considering a piercing or need to refresh your earscape - we'd love to help you customize your look.

Let's make your visit unforgettable.

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Piercing FAQs

Thinking about a getting pierced? Here are answers to our client's most asked questions.

A: We exclusively use needles for our piercings, even for lobes. We use the best needles on the market - they're the sharpest and are coated with silicone to help them glide through the tissue more easily. We only use one needle per piercing so if you are getting 2 piercings, you get 2 needles. There are a number of other reasons why it's better to use needles vs. the gun or "hand pressure device." Check out our blog on that topic here

A: In Ontario you must be 16 years or older with valid government-issued photo ID to sign off on your own piercing. We will not pierce anyone who cannot prove they are 16 years or older and is without a legal guardian present.

A: You can best prepare for your appointment by showing up rested and mentally ready. Avoid drinking alcohol the night prior. You can take an NSAID like aspirin or ibuprofin just before the appointment if you are worried about pain, but please avoid drugs like Tylenol (acetaminophen) as they can thin the blood and make the piercing process messy. Please do not apply numbing cream unless you have consulted with us first.

A: We choose the right type of jewelry for your anatomy and for the piercing type. A curved barbell, captive bead ring, or barbell with a flat back (labret) is suitable for the initial jewelry for the piercing depending on the location. Ie. we use an 8mm or 10mm long curved barbell for the initial jewelry for a rook piercing. We also only use implant grade titanium and 14k solid gold to prevent an allergic reaction.

A: Our pricing starts at 70CAD for a single piercing with basic implant grade titanium jewelry. You have the option to upgrade to more interesting titanium or solid gold pieces when you come for your appointment.

See: Piercing Prices

A: We have a small studio so we ask clients to keep their numbers down wherever possible. Bringing one or 2 people at most to the appointment would be greatly appreciated. Also, as much as we love our puppies, the studio is not dog-friendly as we keep our space super clean.