For a plethora of years, the evil eye has been a staple piece of jewellery! The many forms of the "curse" have made people want to style this chic symbol. But it is important to know what the origin of the eye is and why its history has a profound effect on why we still wear it today! This blog will dive deep into these unanswered questions and open our eyes on the evil that lurks about. 

What is it?

The evil eye has been a known myth since 30,000 BC. It originates from the Greeks, because they believe someone who is jealous of you, will give you the evil eye to curse you. This curse will bring bad luck to anyone who is not protected, so Greeks wore the eye to prevent themselves from getting unwanted bad luck. 

Many people wondered why the Greeks chose an eye to represent a protection from malice. Greeks believe that our eyes are the most meaningful and powerful aspect of our bodies. With one slight glare, we could send negative energies to anyone we are envious of and spin their world around. So, the eyes are very crucial for directing evil and for sending a person into a whirlwind of bad luck.


The Evil Eye in Today’s World

Fondly enough, through science we know that myths, like the evil eye are not possible, however many people today still use this way of thinking to explain why things may be going south, in their lives. In saying this, some Mediterranean people do claim the evil eye as a form of daily protection, as well as a statement jewellery piece. However, most people wear the eye for fashion purposes and its meaning is not advertised like it used to be, but it’s interesting to see how this symbol has continued to have importance in people’s lives. 

The Similarities Between Religions!

The story behind the evil eye can be seen in religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc. It’s interesting to see how these religions are different in their practices, but the history of this eye stays constant. Although it may not be presented in the same way, the meaning of envy and jealousy being considered wicked, is the same for each religion.  

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