Picking the perfect earrings for your face shape can feel impossible. With so many options to choose from, how can we differentiate which earrings suit our faces the best? Well, here at the Curated Lobe, we have put together a little guide to help you select your ideal pair of earrings!

Oval Faces

Oval faces are very versatile, because their shape suits many different styles of earrings. Fondly enough, the best shape to fit an oval face is an oval earring, because it complements the face perfectly. With the symmetry from the face to the earring, your earrings are sure to be a fan favourite!

One style that many people don’t assume would match well with an oval face is a teardrop shaped earring. Since it is usually in a drop earring form, it is easily overlooked for this face shape, but it has proven to accentuate the facial features more. 

Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces are very interesting, because we don’t want the earrings to pull all the attention away from the defined cheekbones and jawlines. People with heart shaped faces should look for pieces that contrast against the face shape; meaning something with a thinner top and wider bottom. An ideal earring would be in a teardrop or chandelier shape, because these styles will balance the face and give the lower half of the face a fuller complexion.  

Square Faces

Square faces have an easy time choosing earrings, because anything round will soften the shape of their face. Anything from a round pearl to a hoop earring, will fit perfectly for a square shaped face. Try to choose hoops that are smaller, but thicker in width, because this will bring more attention to the circular shape of the earring. Also, avoid buying any earrings with harsh edges, because they will not help the balancing of your face shape. 

Round Faces

Contrary to square faces, round faces need to add edges to their appearances. We suggest looking at dangle earrings that will elongate your face and will make it look slimmer, from the cheekbones down to the jawline. Another great addition to your collection is square studs, because they will show a defined contrast between shapes. Steer clear from hoops or studs, because these edge-less earrings are stunning, but will enhance the roundness of the face.  

Narrow Faces

The larger the better when it comes to narrow faces! We want to eliminate the slimness of the face and add depth to it, so hoops are the way to go. Thick and large hoops will not only be a statement piece, but they will also widen the face and give it a fuller look. Dangle earrings will larger pendants are a great choice too! Always remember, the earrings need to make a massive impression, so anything that grabs your attention quickly, is the perfect match for this face shape. 

All these face shapes are stunning and deserve to be paired with the perfect earrings. This guide has helped us in creating our beloved jewellery pieces, so hopefully it can help you too! 

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