Shopping for jewelry for that picky person in your life? It's like walking a tightrope, isn't it? Fear not! Here’s a cheat sheet to get it right (and keep it fun):

Play Detective:

 Start by casually digging for their taste. Drop a line like, “Hey, what do you think about gold evil eye earrings? Just curious!” Their reaction is your golden clue. But hey, don't overdo the questions – you don't want to spoil the surprise.


Phone a Friend:

 Best friends are like living, breathing treasure maps to what your picky person loves. Show them a few options – studs, hoops, threaders – and get their verdict. Remember, variety is key here; it gives them a comfortable space to choose.


Go on a Jewelry Recon Mission: 

If you’re their BFF or other half, sneak a peek at their jewelry stash. Lots of rose gold? Maybe try silver for a change. The goal? Find what's missing in their collection. This way, you’re keeping it safe but also adding a twist.


Check out the Trends: 

Here's an extra tip – stay updated with the latest jewelry trends. Sometimes, even the pickiest person can't resist something that's hot and happening!

When in doubt, check our Bestseller section or pre-styled Curated Sets to see what’s in.


Consider Customization: 

For an extra special touch, think about custom jewelry. It’s personal, thoughtful, and shows you really put effort into their gift. Make sure to start your preparations in advance, as custom pieces take  from few weeks to 2 months.

The Final Straw

Ok, you tried and you get a gold star for the effort. Sometimes, when you still can’t figure out the perfect thing to buy, the best gift you can give is the gift of choice: a Gift Card.

Sponsoring their shopping spree online will be a dead sure way to please even the pickiest person. 

If they are advanced piercing-lovers, they might want to use the card to try our Curated Consultation to design and plan their stunning earscape.


And hey, if you need more ideas or just want to browse some cool pieces, our site’s always there for you. Happy hunting for that perfect piece! 🌟💍


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