Ah, piercings – a stylish expression of self! However, the healing journey can be a challenge. As with any kind of healing,  it's all about giving your immune system the upper hand. Ready to dive into the essentials of optimal piercing care? Let’s roll!

1. The Nutritional Power-Up:

First things first, let's talk grub. I know it sounds basic, but a balanced diet packed with fruits, veggies, and lean protein is a game-changer for your immune system. Strong immunity equals faster healing, and that's exactly what your new piercing needs. So, ditch the fast food and hydrate like you mean it. Your body (and piercings) will thank you.

2. The Magic of Zzzzs:

Yes, we know you've got a lot going on in your life. But getting enough sleep is crucial for a healthy immune system. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to head off to bed early and skip the late night urges? Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night. If you struggle with getting a full night of rest, try creating a bedtime routine or reducing screen time before bed. Look into some natural sleep aids like chamomile tea. That tea bag can also double as a warm compress for any angry piercings!

If you are a side-sleeper and your fresh piercings are giving you a nightmare of a sleep experience, try the Sleeping Piercing Pillow. It’s literally life-changing.

3. Exercise Your Way to Wellness:

We're not saying you have to become the next CrossFit champion (pls don't), but regular exercise can have major benefits for your immune system (among other things). Even a quick walk around the block or a gentle yoga class can do wonders. 

Plus, exercise releases endorphins - aka the "feel-good" hormones. And who doesn't love feeling good?

4. Stress Less:

Stress can wreak havoc on your immune system and your body as a whole. So it's important to have healthy stress management techniques in your arsenal. Did someone say more piercings? Whether that means meditation, journaling, talking to a therapist, or beating the sh*t out of a punching bag, find what works for you. And don't be afraid to say "no" to commitments or situations that cause unnecessary stress.

 "No" is the new "yes."( boundaries!)

5. Take Care of Your Piercings:

Last but not least, obvs take care of those piercings! Keep them clean and dry, and avoid touching them as much as possible. 

Don't be a dry picker like me. Rules for thee, not for me, ok? Don't change out your jewelry until you're sure you're fully healed - that can reset the clock. If you suspect an infection, don't hesitate to see a professional or your doctor. And don't forget to wear quality jewelry to avoid irritation or allergic reactions.


Healing piercings doesn't have to be a nightmare. Care for your immune system and piercings simultaneously for quicker recovery. Show off your new piercings sooner by prioritizing your well-being. Eat well, rest, stay active, manage stress, and adorn yourself with quality jewelry. 

Happy healing!


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