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Titanium Taper For Threadless Barbell Insertion - Ear Taper Pin


This implant grade titanium taper is for use with threadless barbell systems. 

They are ASTM F136 compliant.

These are super helpful when inserting threadless barbells as the post needs to be inserted from the back. You can even bend them with pliers to help you insert tricky piercings like the tragus, rook and daith.

This listing is for a single taper, which you can keep and reuse as necessary.

Nickel-free. Lead-free. Cadmium-free. Hypoallergenic.


1mm (18 guage), 30mm long - perfect for most nose studs and lobe studs

1.2mm (16 gauge), 30mm long -  perfect for most cartilage jewelry

1.6mm (14 gauge), 30mm long - perfect for belly buttons and nipple rings