Piercing Studio Pricing List


One Ear Piercing $70
Two Ear Piercings $90
Three Ear Piercings $110
Four Ear Piercings $120
Five Ear Piercings $150
Six Ear Piercings $170
Daith Piercing $90
Rook Piercing $90
Industrial Piercing $120
Nostril Piercing $70
Children's Ear Piercing $200

Other Services

Jewelry Removal $25
Jewelry Exchange $30
Piercing Checkup and Cleaning $40
Piercing Barbell Downsize $30
Curated Consultation $150

*All prices are subject to HST tax.

*Upgrade to 14k gold jewelry is available upon request.

*Prices include implant-grade titanium jewelry.

*Sterile saline spray and other cleaning supplies are available for purchase at the studio.

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