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Rose Gold Ear Cuff Earrings - Concave Ear Cuff

Rose Gold

Cast in sterling silver with a shiny rose gold vermeil* finish, this dainty, concave cuff is perfect for the minimalist looking to add a little extra to your ear game without having to pierce.

Pinch it closed slightly to tighten it to your ear.

Cuffs are sold as individuals. If you would like a set, select 2 from the quantity drop-down menu.

Earring dimensions: 2mm wide, 13mm diameter, 5mm opening, 1.5mm thick

Each cuff comes nicely packaged.

Nickel-free. Lead-free.

*Gold vermeil is super thick (2.5 microns) plating over sterling silver to give you the look, feel and timelessness of gold at a fraction of the price.