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Gold Oval Hoop Earrings - Hollow Oval Hoops

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These beautiful, oval hoop earrings are the perfect size for every day.

They're sturdy light weight hoops and easy to clip shut.

Cast in sterling silver and coated with super-thick 18k gold plating in order to be labelled as "vermeil"* (defined below). 

They're hollow inside so they're light weight and don't pull your lobes down.

This set is 2 matching hoops. 

*Gold vermeil is super thick (2.5 microns) plating over sterling silver to give you the look, feel and timelessness of gold at a fraction of the price.

Earring Dimensions: 36mm Long x 25mm Wide x 4mm Thickness.

We recommend removing when swimming, showering or exercising in order to preserve the finish.

Each earring comes nicely packaged, perfect for gifting!