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Gold Ear Cuff - 5 Band Ear Cuff


Made from recycled metals, this amazing ear cuff featured 5 bands that are cast in sterling silver with super-thick 18k gold plating (known as " gold vermeil*" standard).

No piercing is required to wear this statement piece.

Just slip it on at the top of your ear and push it down the cartilage.

You'll have to play with the opening of the cuff in order to find the perfect setting for your ear - I had to open mine slightly in order to find a comfortable setting. Once you find this setting, you shouldn't have any issues wearing this piece all day.

Cuffs are sold as individuals. If you would like a set, select 2 from the quantity drop-down menu.

Earring dimensions: 20.7mm long, 12mm wide, 6mm opening (which can be adjusted by pinching/opening manually).

Each cuff comes nicely packaged.


What is Gold vermeil anyways? It is a super thick (2.5 microns) gold plating over sterling silver - giving you the look, feel and timelessness of gold at a fraction of the price.