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face shape earrings buy the right earrings for face shape

How To Know Which Earrings Suit Your Face Shape Best!

Picking the perfect earrings for your face shape can feel impossible. With so many options to choose from, how can we differentiate which earrings suit our faces the best? Well,... Read More

What Does the Evil Eye Really Mean?

For a plethora of years, the evil eye has been a staple piece of jewellery! The many forms of the "curse" have made people want to style this chic symbol.... Read More
evil eye jewellery
best jewellery online earrings

How to Pick the Best Jewellery Online for a Picky Person

When it comes to buying something special for a loved one, purchasing the perfect jewellery piece can be difficult. But, when shopping online for the best jewellery for a picky... Read More

How to Care for your Plated Jewellery!

Gold jewellery can add charm and glamour to any fit! However, solid gold jewellery pieces can be very expensive. A simple solution for this problem is gold plated or vermeil... Read More
How to Care for your Plated Jewellery!
hoops studs classic earrings summer 2021

Stud Earrings & 4 Other Classic Earrings you NEED for Summer

Trends come and go but classics always stay. Why's that? Earrings only remain a classic because over time, they are worn over and over again in different eras of fashion.... Read More

5 Gorgeous Earring Trends You NEED for Summer 2021

It’s time to look for fresh and new ear accessories for the summer 2021 season. Since the pandemic has left many Canadians uneasy for months, let’s switch things up a... Read More
earring trends for summer 2021
Earrings Affordable Style Curated Lob

Here To Upgrade Your Earrings: Affordable Effortless Style

Are you looking to shop local this year and don’t want to break the bank? Are you sick of shopping at cheaply made fast fashion outlets? Look no further fellow online earrings shoppers because out there, there is hope.